Meet the MAPS Team

Meet the MAPS Team:

The MAPS team is an experienced group of mentors from the University Studies Peer Mentor program. MAPS members are upperclassmen and graduate students who take on responsibilities beyond the traditional role of peer and graduate UNST mentors. They work with FRINQ and SINQ students to resolve issues common to first-year, second-year, and transfer students. Members of the MAPS team are selected for their in-depth knowledge of campus resources and their ability to work through complicated concerns. We look forward to working with you!

Current Members:

Haydee Alonso
Haydee is a second year FRINQ mentor and first year MAPS member. She is currently mentoring for Power and Imagination. Haydee enjoys helping her mentees, engaging with mentors, and hearing about other's experiences. She hopes to provide guidance and additional resources to mentors. Her goal is to make the program even more amazing by working with the mentoring community.
Andréa Franke
Andréa has been working as a UNST mentor for almost two years. Her mentoring philosophy is that it is not just about making students feel comfortable on campus, it is also about making them feel like active community members of PSU and Portland, the city they live in. Andréa began as an undergraduate peer mentor working with the Portland FRINQ and has now become a SINQ mentor working with Global Perspectives: Latin America and Leading Social Change.
Camilla Cummings
Camilla has been a MAPS team member since November  2015, and is in her third year of mentoring. She has mentored for Ways of Knowing, Life Unlimited, and Work of Art. Camilla is so grateful to have the opportunity to be so deeply engaged in her education. Camilla enjoys learning from her mentees and the mentor community. She hopes to improve the University Studies community by supporting students and mentors, and creating resources to help them thrive.
 Mara Bahri
Mara is a second year FRINQ mentor and first year MAPS team member. She enjoys helping and inspiring student to apply for various opportunities around campus and within the Portland area. She has a keen eye for seeking out various internships, fellowships, scholarships, and jobs. She aspires to motive student to make the most of their undergraduate experience through subject-related experiences outside the field of academia. 
As an Honors College student majoring in biology, she hopes to expand the MAPS team outside the current UNST knowledge base; ideally to make the resource accessible to all PSU students.

Lillie Craw Lillie began mentoring in 2014 and is new to the MAPS team.  She currently mentors online SINQ courses.  Lillie's approach to mentoring equips mentees to become clear and effective communicators who are able to identify and engage an intended audience.  She looks forward to exploring ways to facilitate focused and forward-thinking communication among mentees, mentors, and other members of the PSU community. 


Former Members:

Keela Johnson Keela has been a MAPS team member since January 2014, and is in her third year of mentoring. She spent two years as a FRINQ mentor for Life Unlimited and is now continuing with the UNST Peer Mentor Program as a SINQ mentor. Of her work with MAPS Keela says, "I love listening to people and assisting them in find solutions and resourses. It is through my observations, conversations, and interactions that I have the ability to do what I love the most; help people in an efficient and effective manner."
Lyndsey Boyle Lyndsey is a second year Freshman Inquiry mentor and second year MAPS member. She is well versed in University Studies from working in the office for several years, and knows a great deal about PSU policies from 3 years on the Orientation Team. She has a passion for interdisciplinary work and wants to create a safe, inclusive space for all students to share and learn from one another. Valuing experience, intentionality, and flexibility over precision and perfection, there is never a dull moment for Lyndsey and her students/peers. She is very excited to give her all in supporting students and the amazing mentor community for another year.
Josue Rodriguez Josue has been an undergraduate peer mentor since 2013 and is majoring in Political Science. He is passionate about interdisciplinary education and has had a broad social science focus throughout his studies. As a first generation student, Josue understands the difficulties that many students face as they navigate through the university system. He hopes to provide experienced support for traditional and first-generation students at PSU who may be confused by what it means to get an education. 
Lukas Maurer Luke began as a MAPS team member in Fall 2014, bringing with him 6 terms of mentoring experience. He sees the interdisciplinary and empowering educational model of University Studies as an amazing opportunity for critical consciousness and collective empowerment. Being able to support students and mentors in their growth and collaboration is very rewarding for him. He is currently mentoring Gender & Sexualities online, but has also mentored for Global Perspectives: Middle East and Latin America, and Natural Science Inquiry.
Cassia Gammill Cassia is grateful to be in her third year mentoring in University Studies, both as an undergraduate and now as a graduate student. She is thrilled to additionally be saddled up with the MAPS team since October 2014. She loves the opportunities MAPS gives her to connect with her peers and get to know them while working side by side towards common goals. Cassia hopes that the skills she has acquired working in both face-to-face and online learning environments, as well as her experience as a non-traditional student, will be of benefit to her fellow students.
Neera Malhotra Neera is grateful to be part of the MAPS team since Fall 2014 and has mentored with University Studies since 2012. She brings in experience from both face-to-face and online mentoring, and is an international student who represents the color, abilities, and experiences of a non-traditional student. Metaphorically, Neera hopes that as mentors we collaboratively navigate pathways to accept, trust, and learn to be an un-apologetically fearless learner/mentor!
Erika Schnatz Erika has been working with the MAPS team since Fall 2012, when she was an AmeriCorps member placed at Portland State University. She has been an active member of the team since becoming a graduate mentor in Fall 2014. Erika is has in-person and online mentoring experience, and is eager to learn more about how to support students, whether it be in person or on digital platforms.
Jake Martin Jake has been a MAPS member since Fall of 2014. He is in his first term as a graduate student mentoring for SINQ. He enjoys working directly with students and fellow mentors in problem solving and community building. Jake hopes to continue learning from his peers and helping others, believing shared engagement gives us the greatest potential for learning and growth. He is excited to have the opportunity to work assisting this amazing community.

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